Perspectives on the Relationship between Germany and Namibia – The Documentary “Perspectives”

We come across it again and again in life: a topic or controversial question and a multitude of different points of view. This also applies to the relationship between Germany and Namibia.

Germany has left traces in its former colony of German Southwest Africa that have survived the past century. If you travel to Namibia, you will find German street names, German schools and much more. How extensive the knowledge is in each case, differs. But it is quite likely that Namibians can say something to the country when asked about Germany.

And what about the other side? What do Germans know about Namibia?

This topic was the starting point for the ASA Project 2017, but it was not so much about presenting the differences in perception as about how this difference is perceived and how we should deal with it in the future. Through interviews, the participants Luisa and Hendrina created a film that opens this dialogue. “Perspectives” is not a film that completely depicts the relationship between the two countries. Nor is it a film that wants to convey a specific message. “It’s a movie that wants to create emotions. If it’s anger, sadness; if we have to laugh or to cry. The movie wants to make people think: what is my perspective? And what do I wish for the future?”

While “Perspectives” has already received a lot of attention in Namibia and has been discussed on radio and television, Welwitschia also wants to open a dialogue in Germany on the topic “My perspective on the relationship between Germany and Namibia”. We welcome comments and opinions that are not intended to be evaluated, but rather serve as a basis for exchange and for greater mutual understanding.

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