Same same but different – a German-Namibian Youth-Exchange-Project

What happens when people from two countries spend time together and present their everyday lives to each other? Show each other the place we call home? How much will prejudices and stereotypes become clear? How many similarities?

Welwitschia e.V. plans together with the Namibian association FreeYourMind! Entertainment – Community Work an international youth project with participants from Germany and Namibia, which deals with exactly these questions: An Exchange-Project that focuses on the process of getting to know each other. To emphasize this, the documentation of the entire project time is central. The form in which this will take place will be decided by the participants themselves – whether it is a photo book, blog or even a film.

The project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation, is part of the funding line “weltwärts-Außerschulische Begegnungsprojekte im Kontext der Agenda 2030”. It stands under the 16th UN sustainability goal of “Peace and Justice”, and aims to contribute to this by creating empathy, understanding and mutual respect through exchange. On the Namibian side, it is run by Ndemufayo Kaxuxuena of FreeYour Mind! Entertainment, who together with Welwitschia e.V. has already accompanied the previous ASA project, in close cooperation with the Namibian Institute of Democracy (NID). On the German side the project is accompanied by Katharina Ramm, Anna-Paloma Sasse and Kolja Lichtenthäler from Welwitschia e.V..



Eight young people between the ages of 19 and 27 from Namibia and Germany can take part. In addition to preparatory, interim and follow-up seminars in the country groups in Windhoek and Osnabrück, there will be two three-week meetings that form the core of the project.

The preparatory seminars, in which the German and Namibian participants prepare for their first meeting, deal with important topics and prepare themselves for the project, are the prelude.

From 10 to 30 September 2018, all participants will meet for the first time in Windhoek, Namibia, and experience and shape the project together. There will be enough time to get to know each other, to get an insight into the everyday life of the Namibian participants and to work on the joint documentation project. The meeting in Namibia ends with an excursion to Etosha National Park.

After the departure of the German participants, the national teams will continue to work on the project from their home countries, e.g. editing film sequences, editing photos, revising texts… Here there will be regular meetings in Osnabrück and Windhoek to exchange the progress of the individual groups. The second joint meeting in Germany is also being prepared here.

In the first three weeks in September 2019 the Namibian group will travel to Osnabrück and experience parts from the everyday life of the German participants. The experiences will be integrated into the project as before in Namibia.

After that meeting, the finished project will be presented at various locations in the region.

In addition to meeting other people, building new friendships, get insights into a different culture and lots of fun, the project is also about becoming aware of perceiving oneself and others and working on a joint project in an international team.




  • Desire for exchange and encounter
  • Desire for confrontation and intensive reflection with oneself and others
  • Willingness to participate in the entire project
  • Willingness to share his learning successes and to prepare them in the media
  • Basic knowledge English
  • Age between 19 and 27 years (for exceptions please send an e-mail)
  • Passport valid until at least March 2019 (or quickly apply for one)



The maximum participation fee is N$ 3000 (depending on donations)
Included therein:

  • Round trip to Namibia
  • Accommodation, transport, insurance during the meeting phases
  • Food allowance for all seminars and during the meetings
  • Pedagogical support
  • Transport and accommodation to the seminars

Not included:

  • Independent excursions (one free weekend per encounter)
  • Transport to the seminars in Osnabrück
  • Passport costs
  • Additional payment if meals allowance is not sufficient


31 May: Deadline for applications
June – August: Preparatory phase (mandatory)
10-30 September (+- 1 day depending on fares): Meeting in Namibia
Autumn 2018: Follow-up weekend
Spring 2019: Preparatory weekend
September 1-27: Meeting in Germany
fall 2019: Follow-up weekend


The application phase is currently running until 31 May. Interested parties simply fill out the application form. For questions please contact Ndemufayo Kaxuxuena ( or Welwitschia e.V. (


Further support

In addition to motivated young people who would like to shape the project, we are also dependent on donations. We are happy about every contribution that helps us to realize the project:

Welwitschia e.V.

IBAN EN04 8309 4495 0003 1956 94


We are also happy about other support, e.g. in the form of material, logistics, know-how, or much more.

Supported by Engagement                                                   Global with financial support from gGmbH on behalf of BMZ       BMZ


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