Lectures and Workshops

Lectures, workshops and presence at regional and national events in the context of German-Namibian relations are an integral part of our work. For example, we organise our own panel discussions, guest lectures and film screenings, but we also participate as speakers in conferences and meetings related to Namibia. The Heidelberg Namibia Day organized by the German-Namibian Society (DNG) is an example of this form of association work.

14th Heidelberg Namibia Day on 13 May 2017

The Heidelberg Namibia Day took place for the 14th time on 13 May 2017 in the beautiful setting of the Heidelberg Spiegelsaal.

The annual conference offers an extensive programme on various topics concerning and dealing with Namibia.

Besides the numerous interesting lectures, our personal highlight was to be invited as a speaker and to present the work of Welwitschia.

The detailed report of the DNG district Rhine-Neckar about the 14th Heidelberg Namibia Day can be found here.