Mission Statement


Welwitschia e.V. – Cooperative education projects in Germany and Namibia has the vision that German-Namibian relations are characterised by mutual understanding, strong ties and encounters at eye level.

To achieve this, Welwitschia e.V. carries out cooperative projects in Germany and Namibia. These projects aim to promote mutual understanding, reduce inequalities and disadvantages in the areas of education and society and strengthen the German-Namibian partnership.


Welwitschia e.V. wants …

…. to bring about a change for disadvantaged people in the areas of education and society.

…. to work on concrete projects.

…. a clear Namibia reference at work.

…. to inform about the German-Namibian relationship – yesterday and today – and stimulate reflection on the relationship of tomorrow.

…. to get involved together with people who are enthusiastic about Namibia and German-Namibian relations.

…. to cooperate with Namibian stakeholder on an eye-level.