Partners and Sponsors

German-Namibian Society

logo_deutsch-namibische_gesellschaftThe German-Namibian Society (DNG), founded in 1977, is a non-profit, non-partisan and private organization that supports projects in Namibia, promotes both youth and cultural exchange and organizes seminars and conferences to promote relations between Germany and Namibia in various fields. The DNG has set up a sub-account for Welwitschia, through which we can, among other things, transfer money to Namibia at a lower cost. Furthermore, it was agreed to send representatives to the respective extended board and to support each other in the respective expert areas.

You can read more about DNG here.


FreeYourMind! Entertainment CC.

Welwitschia was able to win FreeYourMind! as a new project partner for the ASA Project in 2017. With the vision of giving young talents a platform, “FreeYourMind” took place for the first time in July 2008.

Since then, the stand-up comedy show has become an integral part of cultural life in Windhoek and is broadcasted on Namibian television.

The motivation behind it is to promote and strengthen the youth:

“If you have the will and work hard, your talent can take you anywhere.” Ndemufayo Kaxuxuena is not only trying to achieve this through FMY but has also been active in the field of education for several years. Ndemufayo Kaxuxuena, who describes himself as a performer and producer, has worked on various educational projects, including podcasts and documentaries. Further, he is a consultant for NGOs in various media projects. The ASA project is an opportunity for FYM to become more active in the field of education and to support young people in pursuing their goals and broadening their perspectives.

“With the Namibian ASA-participant going to Germany, it is one of the many things that we do, and we are proud to do, and we play our part in the education of the Namibian youth – and the German youth since ASA is an exchange project.”

More about FreeYourMind! can be found here.


ASA program

asa_Logo_farbigThe ASA program is an innovative, development-policy learning and qualification program. It all started over 50 years ago. A small student initiative, founded in 1960, has become a dynamic learning workshop for young people who want to understand global contexts, ask critical questions and commit themselves to a sustainable world.

In 2017 Welwitschia took part in the sub-program “ASA global” with the project “Perspectives on Colonialism: A media project on colonial history and the relationship between two countries today”. The focus was on the joint learning process and teamwork of the participants and partner organizations from the Global North and the Global South.

The homepage of ASA can be found here.



tucsin_logo_gr“The University Centre for Studies in Namibia” (TUCSIN) is an organization that offers young Namibians further education in various courses. Over 56 full-time and part-time employees offer advanced courses for Namibian school leavers. The aim of this courses is to improve school leaving grades and Namibian university admission.

In 2013, 757 students attended TUCSIN courses on campuses in Windhoek, Oshakati, Rundu and Rehoboth. In addition, TUCSIN offers its own scholarship program, which allows young Namibians to study at a university or attend TUCSIN’s own courses.

These are very interesting points of intersection for both sides. Both organizations, Welwitschia and TUCSIN, have agreed to exchange information and use it to our mutual benefit to further improve the opportunities for young Namibians to get a better education.

More information about TUCSIN can be found here.


eXXcellent solutions gmbh

logo-exxcellent-rgbWe would like to thank eXXcellent solutions for their many years of support.

More about eXXcellent solutions can be found here.


World Citizen School Tübingen

World Citizen School TübingenThe World Citizen School is a self-organised learning space and network for committed students and student initiatives at the University of Tübingen. There, the students learn from and with each other, conclude cooperation and start joint projects, always with the goal of creating social added value.

More about the World Citizen School can be found here.