Welwitschia e.V. – The association

Welwitschia e.V. – Kooperative Bildungsprojekte in Deutschland und Namibia is an organisation that carries out projects together with Namibian actors in Germany and Namibia. In order to achieve the goal of a partnership at eye level, it is important to us to bring this cooperative focus to bear in our work. At the same time we want to promote knowledge and understanding of German-Namibian relations and therefore understand each other as an information and dialogue platform in Germany and Namibia.


In 2012 Welwitschia was founded in Germany by seven former westward-volunteers and now has over 65 members.

One of the first activities of the association was to support the development of Welwitschia in Namibia, which focuses on application training and career guidance. The organization has been completely independent of Welwitschia since 2015.

The jointly founded NamCareerService will continue to be supported in close cooperation.

If you want to know more about our history since our foundation, you’ve come to the right place.


In Germany, a new board is elected every year. We are always a colourful mixed team with people from the most different disciplines and places. The task of the board is to organize and coordinate Welwitschia’s activities. You can find out more about our board here.

Supporting and active members

In recent years Welwitschia e.V. has carried out numerous successful projects, which were only possible with the active and financial support of its members. With the philosophy that we can only make a difference together, we are happy about every participation in our association’s work: from the project idea to the donation.


It goes without saying that we cooperate with other organisations in order to pool their respective strengths and thus achieve the best possible results. Who our partners are you can read here.


Here you can find our statutes.

State 2017/10